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Call Locksmith chicago to keep your home needs to be perfectly safe and secure from burglars or intruders. 

Having high-security locks ensure that break-ins do not happen while you are away or asleep. 

Here is how we can help you:

  • Lock installation and repair
  • Brand new lock system installed and existing locks can be repaired.
  • Lost car key replace
  • Lock replacement 

If you have lost the original key of your home or apartment, it is best to replace the whole lock and install a new one because you never know who has access to your key and hence your home. We offer replacement lock installation services with ease.

Duplicate key – Sometimes you may need more than the existing number of keys you already have for other members of family to have access. We can give you quality duplicate keys that look exactly like the original. We use the latest tools and technology to do our job professionally.
Safes installation and repair– Safeguard your precious jewelry, watches, cash, documents etc. from burglary. Install safes with high-security lock system and we specialize in safes installation and repair in Chicago IL.
Unlock safes and repair – In case you have lost or misplaced your safety locker key, we are here to help you unlock your safes and also repair.
Intercom installation and repair – Don’t just let anyone inside your home or apartment. Check out who they are and what they want and only after you are sure that you are safe you can let them in. It makes perfect sense to install an intercom to ensure that you are dealing with the right person and we specialize in cost effective intercom installation and repair. Security camera, CCTV and surveillance camera– To have a visual mode of things happening in and around your home or apartment, it is ideal to have a security camera or a CCTV for total security. You can count on us for reliable and secure installation of CCTV, security camera or surveillance camera.

Re-keying – Sometimes it may not be possible to change the entire lock system and you have an alternate solution to that. You can opt for Re-keying and ensure total safety for your property.

Your place of business needs to be highly secure and safe. How many times we have come across businesses that have lost highly confidential files thereby losing business overnight? I am sure you understand the importance of keeping tab on access to cabinets and lockers. Do not compromise business security and here is how we can help you:

  • Security camera, CCTV and surveillance camera
  • Safes installation and repair
  • High-security locks installation
  • Access Control & Key-less entry system

To eliminate high risk and troublesome responsibility of mechanical keys, installing access control and key-less entry system is a high-end solution for your business security needs. We are available whenever you need to create an indispensable secure environment for your business. Equipped with the latest tools and expertise we guarantee the best key-less entry system in Chicago IL.

Re-keying – Often some of your ex- employees may not have handed over keys and replacing entire lock systems may not be possible and we help you by re-keying all your locks, a sound and sensible solution.
Duplicate key
Cabinets lock installation


It can be frustrating when your key is lost, misplaced or left inside your vehicle. You can rely on us for the best unlocking services without any damage to your vehicle. We are well known for using only the best tools and resources and always available during emergency situations. Here are some of the services we offer :

Car Key Replacement / Duplicate keys

Lock out – in case you left your key inside your vehicle, we help unlock the door without any damage to your vehicle. Transponder chip key – To prevent your vehicle from being hotwired, we provide the best sensible Transponder key solutions in Chicago IL.
Ignition key service – Faulty ignition may prevent your vehicle from starting. We are just a call away to provide you the best, quick and cost effective solution.
Door/Trunk lock services – Door locks or Trunk locks are taken care of by us.
Remote replacement – We can replace your car remote keys by cutting and programming original remote control key

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